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Developing Positive Behaviour Conference

Developing Positive Behaviour Conference 

Wednesday 3rd February 2021  
9am – 2pm
Online via Zoom


£25 per school for up to 3 places


Following on from our successful Positive Behaviour Conference with Fareham & Gosport schools in December, we would like to offer this conference to all schools across Hampshire.  This will provide a much-needed opportunity to work collaboratively to find solutions to dealing with children's more challenging behaviours. 

Given the premise that "children do well if they can, and if they’re not doing well it’s because they are lacking the skills to do well." (Greene, 'Kids do well if they can', 2018), we have organised this online conference hosted by:


  • Naomi Carter, School Performance Manager – Vulnerable children and young people, inclusion and special schools
  • Sara Gmitrowicz, Headteacher of Harrison Primary School and Director of Pioneer TSA
  • Marijke Miles, Headteacher of Baycroft Special School and Chair of NAHT's SEND Council         
  • Leanne Forde-Nassey, Headteacher at The Key Education Centre, Gosport & Havant
  • Sarah Cobb, Manager, Primary Behaviour Service
  • Jenny Turner, Team Manager, Primary Behaviour Service

with guest speaker:

Jarlath O'Brien - Interim Headteacher of Wolverdene Special School and author of 'Better Behaviour'
(Corwin Ltd, 2018)


Speaker profiles are below.



Discussion topic
One topic for discussion is our schools' behaviour policies.  To quote Jarlath O'Brien, we will ask ourselves whether current policies really meet the needs of our pupils, or prioritise the needs of the adults working in our schools?

Given the challenges that our school communities have faced over the last eight months, in particular, now is the time to get it right - for all children. It is imperative that we combine our collective intelligence and expertise to try to find solutions to some of the daily challenges that we, as educators, and our pupils face. 


Book your places

Email to secure up to 3 places. 

An invitation with the link to join the conference will be sent to you prior to the event. 



Speaker Profiles


Marijke Miles

Head teacher at Baycroft School

Marijke is Chair of the NAHT's National Executive SEND Council, and sits on the National Forum for Neuroscience in Special Education, speaking at national events and leading on inclusive research and practice. Marijke has spent her career providing opportunities for children and young people and uses her platform to inform and engage others.


Leanne Forde-Nassey

Head teacher at the Key Education Centre

A split school site, operating in Gosport and Havant. Leanne’s passion is using research informed practice to create cultural change within schools. A contributor in the TES and other national publications, Leanne is keen to develop the skills of staff in Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice and collaborate with local schools to share this approach.


Sarah Cobb

Primary Behaviour Service Manager

Sarah has spent 24 years of her career specialising in meeting the needs of challenging behaviour. Having worked in a SEMH school for 7 years, Sarah then wrote a project that led to the Primary Behaviour Service model across Hampshire. Sarah now manages 6 teams across Hampshire who provide support and training to schools and families. Sarah also is leading a Wellbeing project across Hampshire and the IOW.


Jenny Turner

Primary Behaviour Service Team Manager

Jenny has worked for the Primary Behaviour Service for 18 years. She has managed 4 of the six areas and worked as a teacher in a fifth one.  She is a trained Thrive practitioner and is currently undertaking the training to become a Thrive Trainer.  Having worked in many of the schools in the County, she has helped schools to understand the communicative function of behaviour and how we can help our children to get their needs better met.


Jarlath O’Brien

Interim Headteacher at Wolverdene School

Jarlath has expertise in special educational needs, is a TES behaviour columnist and author of ‘Don’t send him in tomorrow’, ‘Better Behaviour’ and ‘Leading Better Behaviour’. Jarlath has spent his career working in the special school and secondary mainstream sectors. He has a passion for inclusion and behaviour.


Book your places

Email to secure up to 3 places. 

An invitation with the link to join the conference will be sent to you prior to the event. 

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